Chair's introduction and opening remarks

James Phillips, Deputy Editor, Professional Pensions

Keynote: What are DB consolidators and what are they aiming to achieve?
  • Different models available
  • What are the regulatory concerns
  • Expected funding levels
  • Governance requirements

David Fairs, Executive Director of Regulatory Policy, Analysis and Advice, The Pensions Regulator

When might a Superfund be needed?

This session will consider various scenarios to which Trustees might consider entering a Superfund, what schemes looking to go down this route should expect and what the requirements of Trustees are when considering is involved in consolidation of this type.

John Baines, Partner, Aon

DB Master Trusts
  • How DB Master Trusts fits into the consolidation space

Paul Murphy, Business Development Director, TPT Retirement Solutions

Networking break

Your chance to check a few emails, grab a drink and chat in our networking area

Consolidation – the advisers’ view

There are now a number of new and established consolidation options available for schemes to consider. Choice is good, but the pressure is on for trustees and sponsors to make the right decision and advisers have an important role to play, particularly for routes less well-trodden. We’ll discuss how to engage with advisers in this area, as well the current state of the market and what needs to happen for this to develop further.

Tom Hargreaves FIA, Associate and Corporate Actuary, Barnett Waddingham
Amanda Latham, Policy and Strategy Lead, Barnett Waddingham

Beginning your consolidation journey with the end in mind

At the heart of every strategy is a long-term goal, but why do we sometimes find it hard to start with the destination in mind? Isio will deep dive into this notion and discuss consolidation from a broader perspective covering topics such as platforms, superfunds, third party capital solutions with view to achieving peace of mind.

Stewart Hastie, Partner and Head of London, Isio

Goodbye Sole Trustee, Hello PCST

APPT unveiled a code of practice for professional corporate sole trustee (PCST) firms, drafted after consultation with TPR and in effect from 1 January. The code is the first industry-wide attempt to codify what good sole trusteeship looks like. This session will consider when sole trusteeship might be a good option for a scheme and its expected increased popularity over the next five years.

Nita Tinn, Chair, Association of Professional Pension Trustees (APPT)

Nigel Hill, APPT Council Member

Closing keynote panel: How to choose the best outcome for your scheme

DC schemes will soon be required to assess whether members would be better off if the scheme was consolidated, a value for member assessment. This panel will hold this discussion looking at the DB market.

  • New entrants in the consolidation market
  • Options for varying scheme size
  • Comparing cost savings
  • Legal requirements

Camilla Barry, Partner, Macfarlanes LLP

Paul Murphy, Business Development Director, TPT Retirement Solutions

Colin Cartwright, Partner, Aon

Richard Williams, Director of Policy and Communications, Clara Pensions

Chair: James Phillips, Deputy Editor, Professional Pensions

Closing remarks

James Phillips, Deputy Editor, Professional Pensions

Please note: programme is subject to change