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Opening Remarks

Jonathan Stapleton, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Pensions

Keynote: DC Governance – the good the bad and the ugly.

The importance of good governance cannot be underestimated. Not getting it right won’t necessarily just be an inconvenience, it could hamper or derail your scheme objectives as well as result in poor member experience and outcomes. With the intention of highlighting areas of future focus for schemes and Trustee’s, during this session we will examine recent TPR survey results to highlight where market experience is good, bad or ugly.

David Pharo, Board Director, PASA

Rethink Net Zero: Is your portfolio fit for the post-carbon world

DC pension schemes are increasingly exploring integration of climate risk and net zero led considerations in equity portfolios. The market has responded with variations of low tracking error climate aware solutions. Concurrently, there has been guidance from the TCFD on best practice which is likely to push some of these strategies to update their methodology. In this session, we will discuss this best practise guidance and implications for investors in some of the climate aware strategies. We will also cover how a carbon footprint alone does not equate to financial risk and how further assessment of temperature trajectories will be key in promoting the move to net zero.

Thomas Höhne-Sparborth, Head of Sustainability Research, Lombard Odier

Networking Break
Value for money in DC pensions

We know it’s hard for people to save enough to meet either the “moderate” or “comfortable” levels of PLSA’s Retirement Living Standards. So extracting every last ounce of value for money from what’s been paid into a pension is important. As both Regulators lay out plans for a common value for money assessment framework we look art areas they may have overlooked. Like the importance of steps that encourage and maintain contributions. And the value of using pensions in the most tax efficient way. And we wonder whether their backwards looking assessment of costs and charges is overly simplistic and is likely to drive activity in the industry that will hinder rather than help us to steward our pension futures.

Adrian Boulding, Director of Policy, NOW: Pensions

Pensions? I'll wait until the box-set comes out

A look at what makes member communications so difficult, how DC communications have moved the dial in the last 30 years, and how we can hope to drive member engagement in the future.

David Millar, Head of Communications, LCP

Panel Discussion: DC investment in a changing landscape

A panel of investment-minded professionals will discuss the latest developments and trends in DC scheme investment.

Andrew Cheseldine, Professional Trustee, Capital Cranfield
Martin Collins, Trustee Director, 20-20 Trustees
Alyshia Harrington-Clark, Head of DC, Master Trusts and Lifetime Savings, PLSA

Chair: Jonathan Stapleton, Editor, Professional Pensions

Networking lunch

Please note: this programme is subject to change