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Welcome and opening remarks

Jonathan Stapleton, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Pensions


An update from The Pensions Regulator concerning the new climate change requirements for DB schemes, maintaining good scheme governance as a fence against endgame risks, and the notifiable events requirements for schemes to be aware of as they head into a critical stage.

Jenny Davie, Head of Regulatory Transactions and Frontline Support, The Pensions Regulator

Putting your scheme in pole position

Aon's 2021 Global Pensions Risk Survey shows for the first time that buyout is the preferred endgame for pension schemes over self-sufficiency. But with the increase of demand, is there a risk that insurers will become even more selective? What is the chance that insurers reach capacity at the time you need them most? As a result of this, how can you adapt your strategy to prepare for such risks?
During this session we will share insights to the findings of our recent annual insurer survey, on how they see the market and their business models evolving over 2022, and combine these findings with best practice steps to efficiently remove risk from your pension scheme in the insurance markets.

John Baines, Partner, Aon

Preparing for a bulk annuity - case study and practical guide

A guide to preparing for and securing a bulk annuity for ENTs and MNTs

  • Why prepare for a bulk annuity?
  • Preparation checklist
  • Timeline
  • Case study

Prashant Mehta, DB Business Development Manager, Just Group
Rebecca Wood, Trustee Director, 20-20 Trustees

How to create a seamless journey to buyout with Fiduciary Management

It always pays to plan ahead, and mapping your journey to buyout is no different. Gerard Francis explains how to create investment strategies that retain flexibility but build towards a low risk, 'transaction ready' portfolio, so you are ready to act when the opportunity arises.

Gerard Francis, Head of UK Design & Strategic Risk, Schroders Solutions

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Do you have a Strategic Plan in place? How to establish a successful, member-focussed journey plan to your endgame

Improving funding levels, and the requirement for a Long Term Objective under the new funding regime, mean pension scheme trustees and sponsors are increasingly looking to put in place a well-defined, strategic journey plan to achieve their endgame objective. But how do you translate the somewhat nebulous concept of “journey planning”, into something practical that can be documented and implemented?

During this session, Michelle will explain how trustees and companies can work together to determine the right endgame strategy, and the practical actions you can take to put in place a coherent and joined-up plan that improves outcomes for all parties – trustees, sponsors and, most importantly, members.

Michelle Wright, Partner & Head of Pensions Strategy, LCP

Getting the target in sight

Although LDI is still heavily in use, a report from the SSGA shows that CDI is making its way into the mainstream with 73% of schemes now implementing it, and 70% using it alongside LDI. Managing risk without LDI can be difficult but adopting a cashflow driven investing strategy can help schemes manage liabilities and provide a boost for those schemes that are otherwise struggling to reach their endgame targets. Come to this session to see how implementing CDI could work for you.

Elaine Torry, Partner, Hymans Robertson

Navigating uncertainty: how to use market volatility to your advantage

We all know that markets move. However, in the past few years we’ve lived through one of the most turbulent periods in modern history. Yet market volatility can also create opportunities for pension schemes on their de-risking journeys – during this period we have seen some of the most of attractive bulk annuity pricing in the history of the UK market.

The market factors that most impact buyout affordability have continued to move positively over the course of this year, namely interest rates and credit spreads. In this context the real question then becomes how do pension schemes insulate themselves from risks on their journey and how can they take advantage of pricing opportunities that can sometimes be short-lived?

Aysha Patel, New Business Origination Lead, Pension Risk Transfer, Legal & General
Mathew Webb, Head of Insurance Solutions & Strategy, Legal & General Investment Management

Allowing for climate risk in endgame planning

Climate risk is generally thought of as long term risk, and therefore one that may not impact on pension schemes that have a short-to-medium term endgame in mind. Eva and Jordan will share their findings and thoughts on why climate change risk has an impact on pension schemes' endgame journey and why it is important to factor this risk into endgame planning.

Eva Grace, Associate and Senior Investment Consultant, Barnett Waddingham
Jordan Griffiths, Sustainable Investment Consultant, Barnett Waddingham

Panel: Choosing the right option from the endgame buffet

There are lots of risk management options for defined benefit schemes to wield in order to better reach their targets, but what target does the scheme have in place? With many DB schemes expecting to approach their endgame within the next 10 years the choice has to be made whether to aim for a bulk annuity purchase, consolidation, or other approaches such as self-sufficiency. What are the things trustees must consider when setting their targets? And how can they evaluate their decisions to ensure they've made the best choice?

John Baines, Partner, Aon
Kerry Lindsay, Head of Trustee DB Endgame Strategy, Hymans Robertson
Rob Mechem, Director of DB Business Development, Just Group

Chair: Jonathan Stapleton, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Pensions

Closing remarks

Jonathan Stapleton, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Pensions

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