***The information below relates to our 2022 event. We will be announcing further information about our 2023 event soon***


ESG continues to drive this industry forward. With TCFD reporting expanding its criteria for mandatory reporting, the top-down pressure from a regulatory standpoint is creating a somewhat scramble. Are you confident in the data you're reporting? With limited examples for schemes to model their own reporting on, many have been left under mass amounts of pressure to get this right. 

As COP27 approaches after being held back by the global pandemic, biodiversity is steadily finding its way as the hot topic of everyone's agenda, with TNFD beginning to make waves amongst the industry. Seemingly the biggest challenge in this area is the availability of data and the reliability of such forms of data. So we must ask - where do we begin? 

Join us for our latest digital broadcast ESG Focus: A Conscious Today for a Brighter Tomorrow. Professional Pensions will provide you with an programme full of your most sought-after content. Don't miss out on our selection of industry experts, all waiting to provide you with the most topical, and insightful sessions. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy an array of interactive content such as: live panels, exciting out-of-the-studio material, fireside chats, Q&A's, polls and more - all from the comfort of your own home! 

With such potential knowledge at your fingertips, you can't afford not to register today. By 1pm, not only will you be tucking into your lunch, but you'll have taken your first step into a brighter tomorrow. The world is changing quickly, and it is our duty as an industry to provide the generation to come with a promising future. All small efforts contribute to a larger impact- Even just by clicking a registration button and educating ourselves further on ESG.

Our Brighter Tomorrow begins with YOU! 

By the end of this event, you will be able to:

- To summarise how you can improve your data from the advice given by our speakers

- To identify the challenges that come with TNFD and demonstrating ideas to overcome these

- To listen to a TCFD reporting case study and apply the advice given to your own scheme

- To ask your biggest ESG-related concerns to our panel of industry experts

This event is CPD Accredited

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Who should attend?

Professional Pensions welcomes delegates from the following job types:


Pension Scheme Managers

Pension Scheme Administrators

Pensions Communication Specialists

Chairs of Trustees

HR Directors/Managers


Financial Directors




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