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Calm during the storm

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Covid-19 has impacted the pensions industry in a very interesting way, highlighting the importance of efficient governance and the power of being able to adapt your governance arrangements. While strategic decision making may have become timelier and more efficient, through more frequent and better focused Trustee meetings, agility has also been brought to the fore. Trustees might start to look at their investment management delegations and re-consider what strategic implementation decisions they retain and which they delegate. 

Join us for this year’s Fiduciary Management Focus 2021 where we will look forward at the post-Covid-19 landscape and assess how Trustees can evaluate the skills, experience and resources on their boards.

- Weathering the Covid-19 storm
- Retendering: what you need to consider
- Setting targets for fiduciary managers
- Smoother journey to endgame
- ESG integration

Professional Pensions will bring you a fantastic line up of experts on the latest in fiduciary management.

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Who should attend?

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Pension Scheme Managers

Pension Scheme Administrators

Pensions Communication Specialists

Chairs of Trustees

HR Directors/Managers


Financial Directors



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Opening remarks

James Phillips, Deputy Editor, Professional Pensions


Any pension scheme looking to outsource 20% or more of assets to a fiduciary provider must conduct a competitive tender process with a minimum of three managers up for consideration.

• Retender exercises – what have we learnt?

• Creating the right brief, setting objectives

• How do trustees maintain the benefits achieved?

Anne-Marie Gillon, Head of Research, IC-Select

ESG integration - It's not easy being green

ESG is now well and truly main stream. And your fiduciary manager should think so too. It is not enough to only consider a fiduciary manager’s investment expertise and ability to implement a journey plan, you also need to ensure they are up to the challenge of integrating aligned ESG criteria throughout your portfolio. How do they incorporate ESG ratings on your behalf when selecting underlying managers? Have they set out a time table for carbon neutrality and how are they navigating this on your behalf? How are they considering DE&I in both manager selection but also within their own firm? Are they able to meet the increasing reporting and regulatory requirements to ensure you remain fully compliant?

Andrew McDougall, Head of Portfolio Management, Mercer
Claire Skinner, Principal, Fiduciary Consultant, Mercer

Integrating Private Assets into FM
Private Assets can play a meaningful role in UK DB pension scheme portfolios. Whether to increase expected returns, offer diversification or provide cash flow generation, different private assets can be used in multiple phases of pension scheme flight paths. In this session, Schroders will explore these use cases and which private assets can fit in where on a schemes’ de-risking journey to their chosen endgame. They will also address the practical considerations of private asset investment, including trustees’ concerns around taking on illiquidity on the journey towards buyout, and how integrating private assets through a fiduciary management relationship can overcome these implementation issues.
Ped Phrompechrut, Solutions Manager, Schroders,
Ross Pritchard, Head of Fiduciary, Liability & Duration Solutions Management, Schroders
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How Pension Schemes can diversify their portfolios to reach their end goals

In the last few years, defined benefit pension schemes have increasingly come under strain from widening deficits in part due to lower returns from volatile performance of traditional asset classes. Investing only in equities and fixed income also means that schemes’ portfolios may not be as diversified as they can be. Pension schemes that want greater diversification, and the potential for higher return, look to alternative investments to solve both of these issues. However, the illiquid nature of much of this asset class conflicts with schemes’ needs for cash flow as they become more mature, especially if they are targeting buy ins or a buyout.

Our presentation will walk you through the process of customised stress testing and liquidity analysis, so each scheme can truly understand its potential to allocate a greater percentage to alternative investments, enhancing their portfolio’s return and enabling each scheme to meet its end goal with the right level of liquidity.

Sarah Lakin, Client Strategy Director, SEI

Smoother journey to endgame

Endgame means different things for different pension schemes from buyout to self-sufficiency. Having the right strategy in place and evolving that strategy as schemes get closer to their target is essential. Do you know what you’re aiming for? Without setting out clear drivers how can you reach the conclusion that a fiduciary manager is the right solution? This session will consider how fiduciary management might help your scheme achieve its endgame.

Owen Davies, Director, UK Institutional, Russell Investments
Simon Partridge, Head of Fiduciary Management Solutions, Russell Investments

Continuous governance - keeping trustees in control

As we emerge from the pandemic and lockdowns, continuous governance is saying goodbye to the era of quarterly trustee meetings, evaluating stale information 10 weeks after quarter end. Whilst welcoming the return to face-to-face interaction, a semi-virtual environment will persist for some time to come. This has driven the demand for better interactive tools to support continuous governance for trustees and their stakeholders; placing the latest scheme funding and investment information at their fingertips should mean fiduciary managers can provide greater insights and enable more effective decision making. This session explores the latest developments in this space.

Ajeet Manjrekar, FIA, River & Mercantile

Closing remarks

James Phillips, Deputy Editor, Professional Pensions

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Deputy Editor
Professional Pensions


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