We hope that our FAQs answer any questions you might have relating to Covid-19 and your attendance. Please do feel free to contact a member of the team if you have any further questions.

  1. Will there be social distancing at the event?
    The majority of social distancing and public health measures have been lifted so we will not make social distancing mandatory however there will be coloured wrist bands provided to tell other how you would like to be greeted. 

  2. Will I be required to wear a mask?
    We kindly ask you to wear masks in public areas but this is not mandatory. Different venues may have different rules when it comes to wearing masks but we will provide that information where provided in our communications with you. We strongly encourage you to read the venue’s guidelines in advance of attending.

  3. Will your staff be wearing a mask?
    All Incisive Media and operational staff will be wearing masks for the duration of the event. Venue’s may have different guidelines to us however, but we will do our best to provide you with that information in advance of the event.

  4. Will all attendees be vaccinated or tested?
    We will be asking all attendees (speakers and sponsors included) to prove one of the following: a) Double vaccination b) Negative test (taken in the 24 hours before the event) c) Natural immunity. For more information please read our
    Covid 19 Measures page here.

  5. Will all staff be vaccinated or tested?
    Staff and suppliers will have to follow the same method as detailed above.

  6. Will I be refused entry if I’m not vaccinated?
    You will not be refused as long as you can instead provide proof of a negative test or natural immunity.

  7. What happens if someone refuses to show a negative test or proof of vaccination status?
    Unfortunately, if you are not happy to provide one of the three methods detailed above we will not be able to accept your attendance at the event.

  8. If the event has food and drink, how will it be served safely?
    We will work closely with each venue to provide a safe experience. Buffets will be managed behind screens or we will provide pre-packed food. We will manage any queues with social distancing.

  9. When should I take my lateral flow test if I haven’t been vaccinated?
    Your test should be taken 24 hours before the event takes place. We will not provide the tests. You will be asked to upload the test results to the government website. Links can be found in our
    Covid measures page here or we will send you emails to remind you in advance of the event. We will have a limited number of tests on site for emergencies but if we run out and you haven’t any other proof you may be asked to leave the event.

  10. Will I be able to register for this event on the day?
    If you register on the day you must bring proof of a double vaccination as you would of missed the 24 hour cut off for a negative lateral flow test.

  11. What happens if I am travelling from elsewhere in the UK? (Scotland, Wales etc)
    You should check the restrictions in place where you intend to travel from before making arrangements to travel. If you do travel to England, you must follow the restrictions on what you can and cannot do until you arrive in England. Find out more about safe travel

  12. If I feel unwell, what should I do?
    We kindly ask that no guests attend if they have tested positive for Covid-19 or/and have been in contact with someone who has recently tested Positive for Covid 19 or/and who is experiencing Covid 19 symptoms themselves or/and feeling unwell.