Chair’s opening remarks

Opening keynote: update from The Pensions Regulator

An update on TPR’s new Corporate strategy: Pensions of the Future, the consultation on the new single code of practice, and what the Pension Schemes Act means for DC schemes.

Louise Sivyer, Policy Principal, The Pension Regulator’s Regulatory Policy Directorate

DC Master Trusts

Regulatory pressures on smaller DC schemes are expected to accelerate the consolidation trend. Many schemes will have to either wind up the scheme or identify the improvements they plan to make to the scheme to keep it open. This session will go through what this will mean for the future of the DC market, how to pick a provider and how partnering with a master trust leads to better member outcomes without loss of control.

Shabna Islam, Head of DC Provider Relations, Hymans Robertson

Networking break
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Intelligent design: How clever investments can help manage volatile markets
Planning for retirement can be fraught with difficulties, but this doesn’t have to be the case in a world where intelligent investment design and technology can help you manage certain risks. During periods of huge uncertainty, such as what we experienced over 2020, greater knowledge and accessibility of your finances allows you to more easily make important financial decisions. Hear how SEI’s intelligently designed retirement funds, combined with our open banking app, finally gives members control of their retirement.

Steve Charlton, SEI Master Trust & DC Managing Director, EMEA and Asia

The Complete Retirement Story: From confusion to confidence

How can pension schemes ensure that they instil confidence in their members at crucial decision making events?

Jessica Rigby, Director of Strategy, Evolve Pensions

Paul Bannister, CEO, Evolve Pensions

Closing remarks from the chair
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Raising the bar: Four Smart steps to delivering better outcomes

Hear practical learnings from a Master Trust that has consolidated many schemes, delivering better outcomes for members.

Paul Budgen, Director, Smart Pension

Investment pathways

It is a real challenge to get people from 100% inertia to become fully engaged by time they get to retirement. This session hopes to showcase how you can better assist savers with complex decisions regarding pot access at the point of retirement, by mapping a pre/post retirement journey that a member could consider, looking at a flexible drawdown offering and other routes that can be taken.

Trevor Greetham, Head of Multi-Asset, RLAM

Networking break

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Solving the private markets conundrum for the UK DC market
There has been so much support for, and noise generated by government and industry to find a way for DC schemes to access private markets, where the illiquidity and complexity premium is like a precious metal. Why then do we still only have a couple of solutions available for this unmet demand? Natixis in conjunction with its specialist private credit manager – MV Credit, have built a solution that finally gives access to these asset classes with the appropriate liquidity and access, and at a price point that works for a prudent allocation within a blended portfolio.

Nicole Downer, Managing Partner, MV Credit, Natixis Investment Managers
Nick Groom, Head of UK DC, Natixis Investment Managers

Closing keynote panel
Successfully engaging people with pensions and wider financial education / saving under one umbrella.
• What initiatives work well and cater for the different life stages people are at?
• Improving member engagement – how can we get rid of the perception that “Pensions is boring”.
• Auto enrolment – is 8% enough. What next?

Andy Cheseldine, Professional Trustee, Capital Cranfield

Adrian Boulding, Director of Policy, NOW Pensions

Sarah Luheshi, Deputy Director, Pensions Policy Institute

Close of conference