Endgame Summit 2024 - Wednesday 20 March 2024

***Details below relate to the 2023 event. Further information about the 2023 conference will be announced soon***

Endgame Summit: Full Steam Ahead

After a volatile end to 2022 and the rising interest rates over the course of the year, many pension schemes are much closer to endgame than they were a year ago. With the unprecedented rise in yields, followed by the Mini Budget in September, many schemes have redirected their focus to their interest rate and inflation hedging strategies whilst ensuring appropriate liquidity. Due to this some schemes considering partial pensioner buy-ins have paused to ensure there is sufficient scheme liquidity. On the other hand, other schemes have been able to move quickly, endorsing the importance of transaction readiness in a market of short-lived pricing opportunities.

Many will agree that the potentially huge changes to their endgame planning was ultimately a good thing for schemes. None the less, the sudden improvements have given schemes new challenges to consider, such as:
investment considerations, preparation for buyout and reaching the end of the track. Defined benefit trustees will need to collaborate with their scheme's sponsors to work towards their mutually desired endgame strategies. Providers will need to keep on top of responding to the new world of less efficient LDI, the prospect of new rules on pension scheme funding, exploring new options for endgame, plus higher for longer inflation and interest rates.

With such a crucial time ahead to get your endgame planning right, Professional Pensions invites you to the
2023 Endgame Summit: Full Steam Ahead. After carrying out rigorous research with our fellow delegates as to what you would most like to see, Professional Pensions have collated a series of sessions to educate, inspire and challenge you in your scheme's approach to your fast approaching endgame. So, please join us for a series of presentations, interviews, panel sessions and much more on the 30th March in central London. In such an unpredictable time for the industry, can you really afford to miss out when schemes are full steam ahead?

The Endgame Summit is CPD Accredited:

By the end of this event, you will be able:

- To summarise if LDI can still be a part of your endgame planning

- To identify different options for endgame, and whether these could be better suited to your scheme

- To listen to a buyout case study and apply the advice given to your own scheme

- To be advised how we can communicate effectively with our members throughout the endgame process


Who should attend?

Professional Pensions welcomes delegates from the following job types:


Pension Scheme Managers

Pension Scheme Administrators

Pensions Communication Specialists

Chairs of Trustees

HR Directors/Managers


Financial Directors



*Please note that complimentary places are reserved for inhouse pension and benefit professionals


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