Welcome from the chair

Jonathan Stapleton, Editor, Professional Pensions

Better governance for members

Better governance delivers better outcomes for members and sponsors and is vital to pension risk management. This session considers the future of scheme governance, looking back on the impact of the pandemic and forward to implications of the consultations on social policies in pension schemes and the single code of practice. It will cover the latest trends and regulatory requirements including the concept of governing bodies, diversity & inclusion, member communications, the role of governance technology, pension scams and how improving governance efficiency plays a significant role in a scheme’s journey, whether it remains open or you’re heading to buy out or consolidation.

Louise Webb, Client Director, Punter Southall Governance Services

Journey planning – what next?

The pensions industry has fared surprisingly well over the last year, but is the real impact still to come? The unprecedented scope and scale of furloughs, quantitative easing and major corporate bailouts schemes may be hiding the reality that some journey plans are not as robust as may have been anticipated.

  • Is your employer sustainable?
  • Do we expect to see the journey plans of scheme changing

Chris Ramsey, Scheme Actuary, Barnett Waddingham

Planning to access the bulk annuity market

Despite Covid, the bulk annuity market has been busy and we expect demand for quotations to build into 2022. Smaller transactions will be competing for insurer attention so what are the lessons they need to take on board and secure a transaction?

  • What have we learnt from Covid?
  • What are the challenges when planning for a bulk annuity?
  • How can we help trustees get their sponsor onside?
  • What smaller schemes must do to help secure insurer engagement?

Prash Mehta, Business Development Manager, Just Group

Closing remarks

Jonathan Stapleton, Editor, Professional Pensions

Please note: programme is subject to change