Women in Pensions 2023 nominations list

Here it is… The full list of the individuals and organisations that have been nominated for the Women in Pensions Awards 2023.

Congratulations to all the individuals and organisations that were nominated.

We will now be contacting those who have been nominated to ask you to complete a questionnaire, which is required to progress to the next round. 

The organisational category nominees are as follows:






Eversheds Sutherland

Hymans Robertson

Isio Group Limited

Lance Clark & Peacock

Law Debenture

Legal & General

Legal & General Master Trust

Legal & General Investment Management

Northern Trust

Pension Protection Fund

People's Partnership






XPS Pensions Group

The individual category nominees are as follows:

First name beginning with Letters A - G

Aaazma Farooqui (Willis Towers Watson)

Abigail Carter (Scottish Widows)

Abigail Fletcher (XPS Pensions)

Abigail Hall (Scottish Widows)

Abigail Herron (Aviva Investors)

Ade Okeowo (Redington)

Adele Ray (Legal & General)

Adele Robertson (Scottish Widows)

Agneta Briedyte (Aviva Investors)

Aimee Denham (Vidett)

Aimee Hunter (Isio)

Aisling Doherty (Mercer)

Alec Buck (XPS Pensions Group)

Alex McClelland (Russell Investments)

Alexa Shanks (Mercer)

Alexandra Tebbutt (Mercer)

Alexandra Westley (PwC)

Alexandra Noble (Redington)

Alexandra Miles (LGIM)

Alexis Parrish (Isio)

Alice He (Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS)

Alice Murphy (Van Lanschot Kempen)

Alison Johnston (Cardano Risk Managament Limited)

Alison Barnes (WTW)

Alison Downie (Hymans Robertson)

Aalison El-Araby (Newton Investment Management)

Alison Fleming (PwC)

Alison Heywood (Balfour Beatty)

Alison Lee (London CIV)

Alison Lesley (Hymans Robertson)

Alyson Collingwood (Teachers Pensions)

Amanda Burden (Pi Partnership Ltd)

Amanda Small (Eversheds Sutherland)

Amanda Cook (Smart Pension)

Amelia Barnes (Trafalgar House)

Amelia Abbott (PwC)

Amina Mimi (Pension Protection Fund)

Amira Norris (Novia)

Amy Mankelow (Brightwell Pensions)

Amy Mankelow (BTPS / Brightwell)

Amy Bell (WTW)

Amy Bielby (Mercer)

Amy Currie (Intellica ltd)

Amy Walker (Hymans Robertson)

Amy Sutherland (Hymans Robertson)

Aamy Webb (XPS Pensions Group)

Anais Caldwell-Jones (LCP)

Anastasia Guha (Redington)

Andrew Adam (Hymans Robertson)

Andrew Long (WTW)

Andrew Ward (Mercer)

Andrew Craig (Isio)

Aneesa Rehmanji (Isio)

Aneta Olejarka (Smart)

Angela Connally (Vidett Limited)

Angela Purdie (Hymans Robertson)

Angela Sheard (Aon)

Anisha Gill (Aon)

Anitha Rajeswaran (XPS Pensions)

Ann Mathong-Morris (Cardano Advisory)

Ann Rigby (BESTrustees Limited)

Anna Bujok-Stone (WTW)

Anna Living (Legal & General)

Aanna Rice (XPS Pensions - Belfast)

Anna Sloan (WTW)

Anna Darnley (Smart Pension)

Annabelle Hardiman (Ross Trustees)

Annie Hodgson (Isio)

Annie Lackovic (XPS)

Anushka Katailiha (LCP)

Asha Suresh (Mercer)

Ashley Hendry (Hymans Robertson)

Aashley Thomson (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Athulya Tessy (Intellica Limited)

Azima Crumpton (Aon)

Bal Aijla (Royal Mail)

Barbara-Ann Thompson (Barnett Waddingham)

Bea Loveridge (Hymans Robertson)

Beckie Symes (LCP)

Becks Goodman (Sparks, Capita)

Belinda McCorquodale (Scottish Widows)

Beth Holmes (Brightwell)

Beth Houston (Isio)

Bethany Anderson (Capita Pension Solutions - Sparks)

Bethany Cawthrow (PwC)

Bethany Smith (Hymans Robertson)

Bhavana Maherchand (Legal & General Investment Management)

Bhavinee Patel (XPS)

Bina Mistry (WTW)

Brenda Kite (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Bridget Hall (WTW)

Cadi Thomas (Isio)

Caitlin Burns (LCP)

Caitlin Kickham (Aon)

Camilla O'Brien (XPS Pensions Group)

Camilla Wheeler (Hymans Robertson)

Carly Bryan (Aon)

Carly Norris (Aegon Asset Management)

Carmen Jones (Progeny)

Caroline Hopper (Quietroom)

Carolyn Bullen (Capita Pension Solutions)

Carolyn Schuster-Woldan (Redington)

Carys Tetlaw (RSM UK Consulting LLP)

Catherine Dent-Leitch (Deloitte)

Catherine Mcloughlin (Ministry of Justice)

Catherine Williams (Vidett)

Cathryn Murray (MyCSP)

Catriona McDougall (Hymans Robertson)

Cecily Harmer (XPS)

Ceilidh Gray (Standard Life)

Celine Legaspi (Redington - London)

Celine Grace Legaspi (Redington)

Charlie Lambert (Capita Pension Solutions)

Charlie Parker (Pension Protection Fund)

Charlotte Fletcher (Standard Life UK)

Charlotte Jones (XPS Pensions Group)

Charlotte Quarmby (Aon)

Charlotte Roper (Aviva)

Charlotte Scott (Barnett Waddingham)

Charlotte Taylor (XPS)

Charlotte Taylor (XPS)

Charlotte West (XPS Pensions Group plc)

Charlotte Yuen (XPS)

Charlotte Cartwright (Eversheds Sutherland)

Charlotte Murphy (Smart)

Charlotte Gibson (Isio)

Charlotte Murphy (Smart Pension)

Charlotte A Taylor (XPS)

Chevonne Boxer (Hymans Robertson)

Chloe Leslie (ndapt)

Christina Bowyer (Pinsent Masons)

Christina Williams (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Christine Preston (XPS Administration)

Christine Mandeville (LCP)

Christine Cumming (Hymans Robertson)

Christy Wharton (WTW)

Claire Bowyer (NOW Pensions)

Claire Burston (Scottish Widows)

Claire Cairney (Hymans Robertson)

Claire Carroll (Eversheds Sutherland)

Claire Felgate (BlackRock)

Claire Gillespie (XPS)

Claire Jones (LCP)

Claire Kennedy (Mercer Limited)

Claire Kirwan (Hymans Robertson)

Claire Miller (CMS)

Claire Power (Trafalgar House)

Claire Roarty (Hymans Robertson)

Claire Whittaker (Isio)

Claire Carroll (Eversheds Sutherland)

Claire Rowan iPensions Group

Claire O'Neill (Hymans Robertson)

Claire Tunbridge (Isio)

Clara Anderson (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Clare Kember (Independent Governance Group)

Clare Capel (Capia Pension Solutions Limited)

Clare Keeffe (PwC)

Clare Chambers (Kent County Council)

Claudia Ziebart (Lombard Odier Investment Management)

Connie Howard (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Corinne Barnaby (Premier Wealth Planning)

Craig Cheyne (iPensions Group)

Csilla Balint (iPensions Group)

Daisy King (Mercer)

Daisy Dixon (PwC)

Dana Grey (Pension Protection Fund)

Danielle Barker (Capita Pension Solutions)

Danielle Brown (Intellica Ltd)

Danielle Higgins (The Tracing Group)

Danielle Markham (Barnett Waddingham)

Davina Fergusson (Barnett Waddingham)

Davina Rajasooriye (Mercer)

Dawn Evans (ClashstreetCo LLP)

Dawn Thorne (Sainsbury's)

Debbie Fielder (Clywd Pension Fund)

Debbie Harris (XPS Administration)

Debbie Matravers (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Debbie Web (WTW)

Debbie White (Capita Pension Solutions)

Deborah Brunning (Link Group)

Deborah McWhinney (Mercer)

Delia Nicholson (Avis UK Pension Plan)

Delphine Deasy (PIC)

Denise Le Gal (Brunel Pension Partnership)

Dianne Day (ITS)

Donna Biggs (Mercer)

Dweenisha Caleechurn (PwC)

Edina Molnar (Redington)

Eimear Walsh (Mercer)

Eimear Kelly (EY)

Elaine Torry (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Elaine Wiscombe (Pension Protection Fund)

Eleanor Haines (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Eleanor Levy (NOW:Pensions)

Elisabeth Storey (RSM)

Elizabeth Cain (PIC)

Elizabeth Healy (Hymans Robertson)

Elizabeth Renshaw-Ames (Barnett Waddingham)

Elizabeth Wise (Barnett Waddingham)

Elizabeth Edwards (Mercer Limited)

Elizabeth (Bessie) Hamilton (XPS)

Ellie Westby (Mercer)

Ellie Sandys (People's Partnership)

Eloise Hallett (Hymans Robertson)

Emily Goodridge (Cardano)

Emily Clinton (Smart)

Emily Eccles (MyCSP)

Emily Hammond (Isio)

Emily Hough (Isio)

Emily Houghton (Barnett Waddingham)

Emily Mullin (PwC LLP)

Emily Nichols (WTW)

Emily Wilson (MyCSP)

Emily Reynolds (IC Select)

Emily Caines (Gallagher Benefit Services)

Emma Adair (LCP)

Emma Barnett (Pension Protection Fund)

Emma Brown (Broadstone)

Emma Cameron (Hymans Robertson)

Emma Pittaway (Cardano)

Emma Davey (Isio)

Emma Douglas (Aviva)

Emma Foster (Hymans Robertson)

Emma Gregory (WTW)

Emma Horsfield (Hymans Robertson)

Emma Sim (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Emma Skedgel (Legal & General)

Emma Stroud (Pension Protection Fund)

Emma Wilson (XPS Pensions)

Emma Reid (Phil Anderson Financial Services Ltd)

Emma King (Eversheds Sutherland)

Emma Garrett (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Erica Hodge (iPensions Group)

Eve Read (Smart Pension)

Faith Ward (Brunel Pension Partnership)

Fatema Dewji (Aon)

Fay Henrick (Trafalgar House)

Fay Knight (Brightwell)

Faye Brady (Hymans Robertson)

Faye Clark (XPS Pensions Group)

Faye Jarvis (Macfarlanes)

Fern Healey (People's Partnership)

Fiona Carr (RSM UK LLP)

Fiona Kilpatrick (ZEDRA Inside Pensions)

Fiona Matthews (WTW)

Fiona Smith (Smart Pension)

Fiona Wright (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Fliss Wallace (Seymour Financial)

Fran James (WTW)

Frances Bainbridge (XPS)

Francesca Bailey (LCP)

Francesca Bailey (LCP)

Freya Stuart (Eversheds Sutherland)

Gail Philippart (Mercer)

Garima Singhal (Deloitte)

Gay Nebel (Wealth Design Limited)

Geeta Jethwa (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Gemma Burrows (WTT)

Gemma Cayton (WTW)

Gemma Coster (Barnett Waddingham)

Gemma Lewis (Legal & General Assurance Society)

Gemma Sefton (Hymans Robertson)

Georgia Lewis (Isio)

Georgia Stewart (Tumelo)

Georgina Davies (LCP)

Georgina Fry (Saunderson House, part of Rathbones Group)

Georgina Rae Roberts (Isio)

Georgina Stylianou (Barnett Waddingham)

Geraldine Brassett (WTW)

Geraldine Brassett (WTW)

Gillian Haselden (Brightwell)

Gillian Bell (Hymans Robertson)

Gillian Hamilton (University of York)

Gillian Nugent (Hymans Robertson)

Gillie Thomlinson (Cardano)

Glenda Robinson (Isio)

Govinder Heer (Cardano)

Grace Bensley (Mercer Limited)

Grace Holtom (Barnett Waddingham)

Grace Nebbett-Sales (Pension Protection Fund)

Graham McLean (WTW)

Gurleen Virdi (Redington)

The individual category nominees are as follows:

First name beginning with Letters H - L

Hannah Claassens (Brightwell)

Hannah Lang (Pension Protection Fund)

Hannah Marshall (Hymans Robertson)

Hannah Oakton (RSM)

Hannah Tebbutt (Isio)

Hannah Brinton (Aon)

Hannah Durham (Eversheds Sutherland)

Hardeep Bhamra (Actuarial Trainee Consultant)

Harriet Burchett (Eversheds Sutherland)

Hasret Blooman (LCP)

Hatty Goodwin (Aon)

Hayley goldstone (Pinsent Masons LLP)

Hazel Kendrick (Willis Towers Watson)

Heather Brown (Aviva)

Heather Smyth (iPensions Group)

Heena Patel (iPensions Group)

Helen Prior (Cardano)

Helen Abbott (LCP)

Helen Boyd (Legal & General)

Helen Forsythe (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Helen Perrin (WTW)

Helen Gilchrist (WTW)

Helen Griffin (WTW)

Helen Hope (Mercer)

Helen Hord (RSM)

Helen McEwan (

Helen Nicholas (WTW)

Helen Ross (XPS Pensions Group)

Helen Cane-Hardy (Tumelo)

Helen Hord (RSM)

Helen Hopkins (Universities Superannuation Scheme USS)

Helena Lobato (WTW)

Helyne Slade (Isio)

Hettie Scriven-Seager (Legal & General Investment Management

Hetty Hughes (ABI)

Hilary Willcox (Smart)

Holly McArthur (LCP)

Holly Nardi (Redington)

Holly Mackay (Boring Money)

Hrishi Kulkarni (iSIPP)

Hristina Vaceva (Payden & Rygel)

Huma Choudhry (WTW)

Indira Sabitova (Mercer)

Inge West (Mercer)

Ingrid Kukuljan (Federated Hermes)

Ioanna Ali (Russell Investments)

Iona Young (Redington)

Isabel Nurse-Marsh (Pinsent Masons)

Isla Gamble (Hymans Robertson)

Isobel Carruthers (Slaughter and May)

Isobel McCreath (WTW)

Jacqueline Marcomini (Isio)

Jacqueline Jackson (London Borough of Camden)

Jacqueline Amy Jackson (London CIV)

Jacquelyn Thompson (National Employment Savings Trust - NEST)

Jacqui Reid (Sacker and Partners)

Jade Rigby (Hogan Lovells)

Jade Warren (Legal & General)

Jane Davies (Whitehall Group UK Ltd)

Jane Beverley (Law Debenture)

Jane Curtis (Aon)

Jane Murray (WTW)

Jane Von Bargen (Equiniti)

Janet McNamara (Hymans Robertson)

Janine Tumilowicz (Scottish Widows)

Jean Conroy (Standard Life)

Jeanette Stevens (Universities Superannuation Scheme USS)

Jeanne Palmer (Nationwide Building Society)

Jen Norris (Isio)

Jen Barker (WTW)

Jenna Hull (Van Lanschot Kempen)

Jenna McFee (PIC)

Jenni Davis (Hymans Robertson)

Jennifer Benfield (WTW)

Jennifer Davidson (Lane Clark & Peacock LLP)

Jennifer O'Neill (Aon)

Jennifer Rudkins (Hymans Robertson)

Jennifer Adams (Independent Governance Group)

Jenny Doyle (Universities Superannuation Scheme USS)

Jenny Knowles (RSM)

Jenny Nanalal (RSM)

Jenny Roe (The Pensions Regulator)

Jess Whiting (PwC)

Jess Williams (Phoenix Corporate Investment Services, part of Phoenix Group)

Jessica March (XPS)

Jihan Diolosa (Russell Investments)

Jill Ampleford (LCP)

Jill Gallagher (Club Vita)

Jill Galvin (Universities Superannuation Scheme USS)

Jill Henderson (Scottish Widows)

Jill Morrison (Standard Life)

Jill Johnston (Aegon Asset Management)

Jindi Xu (Cardano Risk Management)

Jitske VanLonden (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Jo Myerson (Independent Governance Group)

Jo Bean (Cushon)

Ajo Cross (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Jo Darbyshire (LPPA)

Jo Solimena (Aviva)

Jo Udall (Siemens)

Jo Hernandez (RSM)

Joanna Ede (LCP)

Joanna Sharples (Aon)

Joanna Kendrick (PwC)

joanne arch (Capita)

Joanne Coan (Legal & General)

Joanne Holden (Mercer)

Joanne Powell (XPS Pensions Group)

Johanna Clarke (CMS)

Josh Duncan (Hymans Robertson)

Joyeeta Kanungo (The Phoenix Group)

Judith McCafferty (Standard Life)

Julia Tyrrell (Pi Partnership Ltd)

Julia Fox (Quietroom)

Julia Turney (Barnett Waddingham)

Julia VanderMortel (XPS Ltd)

Julia Wyatt (Equiniti)

Julia Yates (Vidett)

Julie Thake (Johnson Wax)

Julie Alexander (Railpen)

Julie Marshall (Mercer Limited)

Kajal LeCoat (Redington)

Kamila Morgan (Universities Superannuation Scheme USS)

Kanishka Dobhal (Redington)

Kanon Chalcraft (ITV)

Kara Robinson (Aon)

Kara Wilson (XPS Pensions Group)

Karein Davie (Independent Governance Group)

Karen Parker (Deloitte)

Karen Goldschmidt (LCP)

Karen Heaven (Redington)

Karen Roberton (J.P. Morgan Asset Management)

Karen Shackleton (M J Hudson)

Karen Tasker (RSM UK)

Karen Bolan (Gallagher Benefit Services)

Karen Mitchell (iPensions Group)

Karen Gainsford (Deloitte)

Karen Todd (Police Mutual)

Karenpreet Sandhu (Aon)

Karina Klimaszewski (Aon)

Karisha Chudasama (Redington)

Karri Chandler (Barnett Waddingham)

Kat Lacey (Standard Life)

Katarzyna Potts (Kymin Financial Services Ltd)

Kate Ross (Smart Pension)

Kate Brett (Mercer)

Kate Charsley (Aon)

Kate Cullen (XPS)

Kate Dickson (Hymans Robertson)

Kate Granville Smith (Burges Salmon LLP)

Kate Ma (WTW)

Kate McLean (Redington - London)

Kate Mijakowska (Redington)

Kate Richards (CMS LLP)

Kate Ross (Smart)

Kate Russell (ITV)

Kate Maloney (Bank of America)

Kate Hardingham (Ross Trustees)

Kate GrCe (Northern trust)

Kate Leigh (Vidett (Formerly 20-20 Trustees))

Katharina Lindmeier (Nest Corporation)

Katharine Angus (Capita Pension Solutions)

Katharine Howe (PIC)

Katherine Tollis (Brightwell)

Katherine Photiou (Legal & General)

Akatherine Dye (Isio Group Limited)

Katherine White (Aon)

Kathrine Husvaeg (Russell Investments)

Kathryn Fleming (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Kathryn Robertson (Hymans Robertson)

Katie Berridge (LCP)

Katie Brittain (Isio Group Limited)

Katie Charlton (Hymans Robertson)

Katie Pepper (Isio)

Katie Stone (Trafalgar House)

Katie Lewis (PSG SIPP)

Katie Porter (The Peoples Partnership)

Katrine Ramsay (Hymans Robertson)

Katy Hayes (Barnett Waddingham)

Katy Taylor (Isio)

Kay Brain (ZEDRA Inside Pensions)

Keira Marie-Ramnath (PwC)

Kelly Bone (Mercer)

Kelly Curtis (Barnett Waddingham)

Kelly Freaney (MyCSP)

Kelly Hurren (Aon)

Kelly Stevens (Capita Pensio)

Kerry Foxall (XPS Investment)

Kerry Lindsay (Hymans Robertson)

Kerry Merryweather (ZEDRA Inside Pensions)

Kerry Milne (RSM)

Kerry Lindsay (Hymans Robertson)

Kevin Howard (WTW)

Kim Brown (Legal & General)

Kim Copland (Smart Pension)

Kim Farnum (WTW)

Kim Toker (Clara Pensions)

Kirsteen Morrison (XPS Pensions Group)

Kirsten O’Connor (Trafalgar House)

Kirstin Irvine (Mercer)

Kirsty Aljewicz (Brightwell)

Kristy Cotton (Deloitte)

Kriti Chandnani (Mercer)

Kylie Arbon (Broadstone Corporate Benefits Limited)

Laasya Shekaran (LCP)

Lana Watson (WTW)

Lara Desay (Hymans Robertson)

Latasri Shah (Isio)

Latoya Olukoju (Isio)

Laura Bampflyde (Redington)

Laura Briggs (Pension Protection Fund)

Laura Brown (LGIM)

Laura Cain (Mercer)

Laura Higgins (Isio)

Laura Johson (XPS Pensions)

Laura McLaren (Hymans Robertson)

Laura McLaughlin (CMS)

Laura McMillan (Hymans Robertson)

Laura Stewart-Smith (Aviva)

Laura Bevis (PSG SIPP Limited)

Laura Brook (Eversheds Sutherland)

Laura Andrikoloulos (Hymans Robertson)

Laura McMillan (Hymans Robertson)

Lauren Bennett (Capita)

Lauren Branney (Hymans Robertson)

Lauren Doherty (Standard Life)

Lauren Carlyle (Grant Thornton UK LLP)

Lauren Johnson (Mercer)

Lauren Juliff (Storebrand Asset Management)

Lauren Maguire (Isio)

Lauren Peacock (Scottish Widows)

Lauren Ramsey (Aon)

Lauren Saini (Aon)

Leah Butt (Cardano Risk Management)

Leah Butt (Cardano)

Leah Evans (EY)

Leah Worrall (ISIO)

Leanne Carpenter (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Leanne Coomber (Dalraida Trustees)

Leanne Taylor (Gallagher Benefit Services)

Leane Clements (People's Partnetship)

Leanne Hadfield (Gallagher Benefit Services)

Lee Priestner (Hymans Robertson)

Leonora Corden (Legal & General)

Lesley Cashell (Trafalgar House)

Lesley Thacker (BT Pension Scheme / Brightwell)

Lesley Kennedy (XPS Administration)

Lesley-Anne Brown (Deloitte)

Lia Cassar (Aon)

Lia Licietis (LCP)

Lianna Spalding (Penny Pension)

Lilian Chin (Phoenix Group)

Linda Jardine (Hymans Robertson)

Linda Lawrence (Standard Chartered)

Linda Gray (RSM UK Audit LLP)

Lindsay Sadler (Mercer)

Lindsey Bass (LGIM)

Lindsey Martin (New Forest Wealth Management)

Lindsey Bass (LGIM)

Lisa Beckett (Trafalgar House)

Lisa Lyon (Target Professional Services UK Ltd)

Lisa Mundy (BESTrustees)

Lisa Nowak (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Lisa Nowak (Barnett Waddingham)

Lisa Varley (Aon)

Lisa Whitfield (Hymans Robertson)

Liz Lynxwiler (Brightwell)

Liz Loosmore (Broadstone)

Lizzie Hunt (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Lorna Tonner (Hymans Robertson)

Lorna Doggett (Eversheds Sutherland)

Lorraine Porter (LCP)

Louisa Whiteley (Cardano Advisory)

Louise Inward (Pension Insurance Corporation)

Louise Hunter (Deloitte)

Louise Butcher (Legal & General Investment Management)

Louise Howorth (Cushon)

Louise McRae (Eversheds Sutherland)

Louise Jansons (Isio)

Lovey Sidhu (Mercer)

Lowri Thomas (Legal & General)

Luba Nikulina (IFM Investors)

Lucie Skinner (Smart)

Lucy Fitzpatrick (Cardano)

Lucy Bignell (Barnett Waddingham)

Lucy Cresswell (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Lucy Ellison (PwC)

Lucy Steers (Hymans Robertson)

Lucy Barron (Aon)

Ludivine Evra (Mercer)

Luna Fadayel (WTW)

Lynda Whitney (Aon)

Lynette Brown (Aon)

Lynn Pointon (Pi Pension Trustees)

Lynn Housecroft (Squire Patton Boggs UK LLP)

Lynn Irvine (British Steel Pension Scheme)

Lynn Sheppard (XPS)

Lynne Campbell (Hymans Robertson)

Lynne Rawcliffe (Law Debenture)

The individual category nominees are as follows:

First name beginning with Letters M - Z

Madeleine Day (tumelo)

Malwina Stugala (Hymans Robertson)

Mandeep Birkin (XPS)

Mandy Loadman (Capita Pension Solutions)

Manjit Basi (WTW)

Manpreet Sohal (Independent Governance Group)

Maria Kendall (Redington)

Maria Protopapa (WTW)

Maria Nazarova Doyle (IFM Investors)

Mariam Ali (NEST)

Marie Mulligan (XPS Pensions)

Marina Cheal (Cushon)

Marion Maloney (Environment Agency Pension Fund)

Marlani Menezes (Aon)

Martin Bell (WTW)

Martina Megasari (Smart)

Martine Trouard-Riolle (Capital Cranfield)

Mary Bacon (ANZ Bank)

Mary McGrath (XPS Pensions)

Matt Richards (Standard Life)

Matt Calveley (Isio)

Meera Venu (Legal & Gerneral)

Melaina Stevens (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Melanie Cusack (ZEDRA)

Melissa Stanford (XPS)

Melissa Libberton-Turner (Capita Pension Solutions)

Mhairi Brown (Hymans Robertson)

Michael Ambery (Hymans Robertson)

Michael Jones (Eversheds Sutherland)

Michele Slazyk (LCP)

Michelle Topp (Pension Protection Fund)

Michelle Miles (Brightwell)

Michelle Walderman (Equiniti)

Michelle Woodfield (Aon)

Michelle Wright (LCP)

Michelle Lambell (The Minister Partnership)

Michelle Tape (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Milly Hayton (WTW)

Mira Mohideen (The Royal Mencap Society)

Miriam Lindsay (Cardano)

Miriam Brown (Universities Superannuation Scheme USS)

Miriam Kimber (Pension Protection Fund)

Mojisola Kolawole (XPS Pensions Group)

Molly Handley (L&G)

Molly Tinker (WTW)

Nabila Zine Filali (Russell Investments)

Nachu Chockalingham (Federated Hermes)

Nadine Morgan (Legal & General)

Nalini Solanki (Legal & General)

Naomi Lloyd-Brennan (Legal & General)

Natalie Beardwell (Redington)

Natalie Brain (LCP)

Natalie Morrison (WTW)

Natalie Winterfrost (Law Debenture)

Natalie Leaver (Northern Trust)

Nathalie Sims (LCP)

Nav Sarai (RSM UK)

Navisha Smith (Aviva)

Nell McRae (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Niamh Gannon (Isio)

Nichola Marr (XPS)

Nicki Dyson (Smart Pension)

Nicola Lonergan (Legal & General)

Nicola McCluskey (Scottish Widows)

Nicola Sinclair (People's Partnership)

Nicola Lywood (Deloitte)

Nicole Vale (J.P. Morgan Asset Management)

Nicole Harkness (WTW)

Nicole Mayers (XPS Adminstration)

Nicole Rowe (Smart)

Nicole Moffat (Cardano)

Nikki Moss (Smart Pension)

Nina Hastings (Legal & General)

Nina Tladi (Hymans Robertson)

Nirojana Shanthakumar (WTW)

Nonso Ebere (Smart)

Nuala Hedges (Barnett Waddingham)

Olasumbo (Ollie) Biobaku-Mason (Legal & General)

Olivia Murray (Link Group)

Olivia Goodall (Mercer)

Olivia Mooney (Hymans Robertson)

Olivia Kennedy (State Street Global Advisors)

Olivia Gibbons (Isio)

Olivia Westwood (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Pallavi Aston (Barnett Waddingham)

Pamjit Virdi (Muse Advisory)

Paris Jordan (Waverton IM)

Pat Sharman (CACEIS)

Paula Champion (Isio)

Penny Aitken (Mercer)

Penny Cochrane (Hymans Robertson)

Petra Zidek (Legal & General)

Philip Briggs (RSM)

Pin-Nee Tang (ndapt)

Pippa Read (Pinsent Masons)

Poonam Shah (WTW)

Priscilla Eastwood (LCP)

Priya Jassal (Isio)

Priyanjali Banerjee (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Rachael Laird (WTW)

Rachael Yates (Life & Pension Systems)

Rachael Barber (People's Partnership)

Rachel Banham (LCP)

Rachel Barrack (Hymans Robertson)

Rachel Curran (Hymans Robertson)

Rachel Gillion (XPS Pensions)

Rachel Greening (Legal & General)

Rachel Kidd (WTW)

Rachel Markland (Isio)

Rachel Sprigge (XPS Pensions group)

Rachel Titchen (Broadstone)

Rachel Croft (Independent Governance Group)

Rachel Sutton (XPS Pensions Group)

Raluca Curca (Hymans Robertson)

Ranila Ravi-Burslem (Scottish Widows)

Rebecca Brooks (Intellica)

Rebecca Eades (RSM)

Rebecca Mason (Universites Superannuation Scheme USS)

Rebecca Myatt (Scottish Widows)

Rebecca Raeburn (LCP)

Rebecca Tolland (Standard Life)

Rebecca Whyte (Universites Superannuation Scheme USS)

Rebecca Whitehead (Buck)

Rebecca-Faye Thomas (XPS)

Reena Tanna (Barnett Waddingham)

Rekha Hebsur (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Rhian Littlewood (Standard Life)

Rhianna McCullough-Bray (Mercer)

Richard Birkin (Isio)

Riina Posti (Redington)

Rita Butler-Jones (Legal & General Investment Management)

Riya Pabari (Aon)

Roanna Lynch (Mercer Limited)

Rochelle Baker (People's Partnership)

Rona Dattani (Aon)

Rona Train (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Ros Wood (Eversheds Sutherland)

Rosalind Scott-Douglas (Broadstone)

Rosanne Corbett (Muse Advisory)

Roshni Patel (PwC)

Rosie Fantom (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Rosie Lacey (Kier Group plc)

Rosie Wallace (Eversheds Sutherland)

Roslyn Williams (PwC)

Rosy Lowe (Isio)

Rowena Swatton (Hymans Robertson)

Rowena Humphreys (Smart Pension)

Rumaanah Fada (Scottish Widows - Lloyds Banking Group)

Ruth Bryson (EY)

Ruth Tobias (Pinsent Masons)

Sabrina Guertin-Lahoud (Mercer)

Sally Maddocks (Barnett Waddingham)

Sally Minchella (Law Debenture)

Sally Clifford (WTW)

Sally Eagers (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Sam Coombes (Isio)

Sam Price (People's Partnership)

Samantha Marshall (Mercer)

Samantha Pratchett (XPS)

Sanam Mehta (Redington)

Sandra Holdsworth (Aegon Asset Management)

Sandra Robertson (iPensions Group)

Sandy Pabial (Continuum)

Sara Miceli-Fagrell (Universites Superannuation Scheme USS)

Sara Neidle (SEC Newgate)

Sarah Aitken (Legal & General)

Sarah Atkinson (XPS Pensions)

Sarah Burkhalter (Marks and Spencer Pension Scheme)

Sarah Catterall (RSM UK)

Sarah Boles (Capita Pension Solutions)

sarah douglas (Mercer)

Sarah French (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Sarah Keighley (XPS Pensions Group)

Sarah Leslie (ndapt)

Sarah McCormack (Scottish Widows)

Sarah Miller (Redington)

Sarah Steel (Cushon)

Sarah Brennan (Dalriada Trustees)

Sarah Lown (Eversheds Sutherland)

Sarah Pengilley (L&G)

Sarita Gosrani (bfinance)

Selen Erturk (Russell Investments)

Shaily Sodha (Capita Pension Solutions)

Shanaz Bhaiyat (ITV)

Shanu Ghai (PwC)

Sharon Godfrey (Pension Protection Fund)

Sharon Jacob (Isio)

Shayala McRae (LCP)

Shayala McRae (LCP)

Sheena Shah (Lombard Odier Asset Management)

Shelley Fryer (Aon)

Shelley Jeffery (XPS)

Shelley Morris (Aviva / Citizens UK)

Shelly Macnab (Trafalgar House Pensions Administration)

Shipra Gupta (Scottish Widows)

Shireen Anisuddin (Hymans Robertson)

Shirley Brown (Hymans Robertson LLP)

Shweta Brijmohun (Redington)

Sian Pringle (XPS Pensions Group)

Sindhu Krishna (Phoenix Group)

Sinead Heath (Deloitte)

Smita Patel (Smart)

Sonia Chagger (Brightwell)

Sonia Mann (PwC)

Sophie Ash (Isio Group Ltd)

Sophie Ballard (Nuveen)

Sophie Barton (Hymans Robertson)

Sophie Davies (Cushon)

Sophie Fisher (Aon)

Sophie Jackson (Barnett Waddingham LLP)

Sophie Knight (Redington)

Sophie Mellor (Whitehall Trustees Limited)

Sophie Stewart (Isio)

Sophie Toon (Barnett Waddingham)

Sophie Waters (Hymans Robertson)

Stef Holmes (WTW)

Stella King (XPS)

Stephanie McDowell (WTW)

Stephanie Stern (Hymans Robertson)

Suad Ali (Smart)

Sue Field (WTW)

Sue Johnson (Isio)

Sue Matthews Brown (WTW)

Sue Austen (Aon)

Sue Whittington (Smart Pension)

Susan Andrews (Independent Governance Group)

Susan Black (Hymans Robertson)

Susan Helders (Hymans Robertson)

Susan Hope (Scottish Widows)

Susan Kettle (Capita Pension Solutions Limited)

Susan watts (Hymans Robertson)

Susannah Calder (Aon)

Susannah Chinsky (Hymans Robertson)

Susie Logan (Royal London)

Suzanne Lubbe (Mercer)

Suzanne Lovegrove (LCP)

Suzanne Vaughan (WTW)

Suzi Lowther (Vidett)

Tamsin Martin Smith (Alpha Real Capital)

Tannaz Rastegar (Capita Pension Solutions)

Tanya Bagley (Brightwell)

Tara Gillespie (Redington)

Tasneem Rahman (Mercer)

Tatjana Greil Castro (Muzinich & Co)

Tegs Harding (Legal & General)

Tegs Harding (IGG)

Teresa Abrol (Aon)

Teri Viney (Isio)

Terri-May Williams (iPensions Group)

Thea Losa (iPensions Group)

Therese Niklasson (Newton Investment Management)

Tina Kripps (WTW)

Tracey Williams (Carmarthenshire County Council)

Tracey Smith (Capita Pension Solutions)

Tricia Ward (Redington)

Trudi Boardman (Cambridge Associates)

Trudy Burd (Isio)

Uzma Nazir (Pension Insurance Corporation)

Vanessa Hodge (Mercer)

Vanya Mander (Smart)

Vasiliki Tasouri (Aon)

Viane Frost (Redington)

Vicki Hayter (XPS Pensions group)

Vicky Casebourne (Van Lanschot Kempen Investment Management)

Vicky Paramour (Law Debenture)

Vicky Taylor (WTW)

Victoria Barron (Brightwell)

Victoria McAleese (Scottish Widows)

Victoria McGregor (Legal & General)

Victoria Sutcliffe (WTW)

Victoria Tait (Aviva)

Victoria Timlin (USS)

Viktoria Spittler (Capita Pensions Solutions)

Wei Chin (WTW)

Wendy Fitzpatrick (Isio)

Xaria Williamson (WTW)

Yasmin Codron (Redington)

Zara Jordan (XPS Administration)

Zoe Burdo (LCP)

Zoe Taylor (Redington Ltd.)