Sponsorship Opportunities

These awards are all about appreciating the most remarkable achievements of women in the sector as they push to make our industry better and brighter every year. Having access to a broader pool of talent can help to create a more sustainable pensions industry for all; encouraging the very highest level of gender diversity is a crucial step to accomplishing this. In highlighting the achievements of women already in the sector, the Women in Pensions Awards will help to inspire more women to lend their skills and experience to the rewarding industry of pensions.

Why Sponsor the Women in Pensions Awards?

Exposure and profile - Be part of the campaign to inspire the next generation of women in pensions. Align your brand with a high profile initiative in improving equality and diversity through the Women in Pensions Awards to the entire industry before, during and after the campaign.

Networking opportunities - Senior women in pensions will be represented at the event as judges, attendees and sponsors. Be part of this exclusive networking group at this intimate gathering.

Increase your credibility - If your business is promoting gender diversity this is the perfect campaign to support. Through association with this campaign and the awards you can create new business opportunities through a higher brand presence amongst existing and potential customers.

For information on sponsorship opportunities at the Women in Pensions Awards, please do get in touch here.