Women in Pensions 2022 nominations list

Here it is… The full list of the individuals and organisations that have been nominated for the Women in Pensions Awards 2022.

Congratulations to all the individuals and organisations that were nominated.

We will now be contacting those who have been nominated to ask you to complete a questionnaire, which is required to progress to the next round. 

The organisational category nominees are as follows:


Barnett Waddingham

BT Pension Scheme

Burgess Salmon



Eversheds Sutherland



Hymans Robertson

Lane, Clark & Peacock

Mercer Investment Solutions


Pension Protection Fund

Phoenix Group


Squire Patton Boggs

T. Rowe Price


XPS Pensions Group

The individual category nominees are as follows:

Abimbola Sode (Smart Pension)

Ailish Buckley (Phoenix Group)

Alannah Coupar (Phoenix Group)

Aleksandra Ingleby (Phoenix Group)

Alessandra Santiago (Hymans Robertson)

Alex Mackenzie (Cushon)

Alexandra McClelland (Russell Investments)

Alexandra Symonds (Standard Life)

Alexandra Tebbutt (Mercer)

Alice Honeywill (Burgess Salmon)

Alison Barnes (WTW)

Alison Bostock (PTL)

Alison Coburn (Phoenix Group)

Alison Hatcher (HSBC Retirement Services)

Alison Leslie (Hymans Robertson)

Alison Lewis (Buck)

Alison Murray (Aon)

Alison Trusty (Aon)

Amanda Chammings (CMS)

Amanda Fielder (XPS Pensions Group)

Amaya Mazaira (Santander)

Amy Currie (Intellica)

Amy Holmes (WTW)

Amy Shooter (RSM)

Amy Sutherland (Hymans Robertson)

Anais Caldwell-Jones (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Andrea Ball (Standard Life)

Aneta Olejarka (Smart Pension)

Angela Boden (BT Pension Scheme)

Angela Connally (2020 Trustees)

Angela Coulson (BT Pension Scheme)

Angela Martin (Pension Protection Fund)

Anina Stempor (Phoenix Group)

Anja Needham (Secor Asset Management)

Anna Eagles (Law Debenture)

Anna Koritz (Capita)

Anna Steer (Smart Pension)

Anna Wyse (Phoenix Group)

April Woods (XPS Pensions Group)

Ashleigh Cowley (Standard Life)

Ashleigh Harwood (Mercer)

Ashley Gale (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Asyiqin Binte Radzuan (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Aurelija Stankunaite (Smart Pension)

Barbara-Ann Thompson (Barnett Waddingham)

Beatrice Male (Legal & General)

Becki Wilson (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Bernie Steventon (Isio)

Beth Casinelli (Deliotte)

Beth Dunmall (Redington)

Beth Finch (Barnett Waddingham)

Beth Nisbet (Standard Life)

Beth Udy (XPS Pensions Group)

Bethany Darragh (Squire Patton Boggs)

Bethany Palfrey (Standard Life)

Brenda Kite (Hymans Robertson)

Briony Lapper (Mercer)

Bronia Widdows (Broadstone)

Cadi Thomas (Isio)

Carla Lakey (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Carla Langley (Langley Consulting Services)

Carly Bennett (BT Pension Scheme)

Carly Kinsanga (Smart Pension)

Carly Norris (Aegon Asset Management)

Carmen Chui (EY)

Caroline Escott (Railpen/Standard Life Master Trust)

Caroline Gray (ReAssure)

Caroline Smith (Royal National Lifeboat Association)

Carolyn Schuster-Woldan (Redington)

Carolyn Tsalos (Russell Investments)

Catherine Lewis (Kempen Capital Management)

Catherine McKenna (Standard Life Master Trust)

Catherine Ryder (WTW)

Catherine Snape (Isio)

Catherine Williams (2020 Trustees)

Catriona McCarron (Ascot Wealth Management)

Catriona Murray (Workers Pension Trust)

Ceilidh Gray (Standard Life)

Celine Mather-Franks (Gunnercooke)

Charlotte Taylor (XPS Pensions Group)

Charlotte Cartwright (Eversheds Sutherland)

Charlotte Fletcher (Standard Life)

Charlotte Jones (XPS Pensions Group)

Charlotte McAusland (Mercer)

Charlotte White (First Actuarial)

Chelsey Evans (Standard Life)

Chevonne Boxer (Hymans Robertson)

Chloe Thomas (Broadstone)

Christine Cumming (Hymans Robertson)

Christy Wharton (WTW)

Claire Barnes (Barnett Waddingham)

Claire Bell (Deloitte)

Claire Calder (Ascot Wealth Management)

Claire Gillespie (XPS Pensions Group)

Claire Jones (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Claire Magudia (Aon)

Claire Mills (Barnett Waddingham)

Claire O'Neil (Hymans Robertson)

Claire Rowan (iPensions Group)

Claire Skinner (Mercer)

Claire Smallman (RSM)

Claire Whittaker (Isio)

Clara Anderson (Hymans Robertson)

Clare Hepworth (EY)

Clare James (PTL)

Clare Moodie (Standard Life)

Clare Wheeler (Smart Pension)

Claudia Taylor (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Claudia Ziebart (Lombard Odier Investment Management)

Colette Hollands (Surrey Pension Team)

Connie Johnstone (Dalriada Trustees)

Constantia Constantinou (WTW)

Csilla Balint (iPensions Group)

Dana Day (2020 Trustees)

Dana Grey (Pension Protection Fund)

Danielle Barker (Capita)

Danielle Brown (Intellica)

Danielle Gregory (Fairstone)

Danielle Murphy (Isio)

Darcy Jones (Phoenix Group)

Debbie White (Capita)

Debbie Fielder (Clywd Pension Fund)

Deborah McWhinney (Mercer)

Deirdre Cooper (Ninety One)

Denise Le Gal (JPMC UK Retirement Plan)

Dianne Day (Independent Trustee Services)

Dianne Thompson (Phoenix Group)

Divyaa Mohan (Mercer)

Donna Walsh (Phoenix Group)

Dweenisha Caleechurn (EY)

Eilidh Robertson (Isio)

Eimear Walsh (Mercer)

Elaine Nelis (BT Pension Scheme)

Elaine Stevenson (Mercer)

Elaine Torry (Hymans Robertson)

Elaine Wilson (Mercer)

Ele Lovering (Eversheds Sutherland)

Eleanor Drury (XPS Pensions Group)

Elen Watson (XPS Pensions Group)

Eleni Piperaki (Isio)

Elisabeth Storey (RSM)

Elizabeth Hartree (Law Debenture)

Elizabeth Renshaw-Ames (Aviva Master Trust)

Elizabeth Wise (Barnett Waddingham)

Ella Moore (Eversheds Sutherland)

Elle Tansley (B&CE)

Elle Walker (Rothesay)

Ellen Short (Gunnercooke)

Ellie Lister (Penfold)

Ellie McNally (Isio)

Ellie Simmons (Aon)

Emily Addison (ReAssure)

Emily Goodridge (Cardano)

Emily Hough (Isio)

Emma Adair (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Emma Cameron (Hymans Robertson)

Emma Douglas (Aviva)

Emma Foster (Hymans Robertson)

Emma Frost (CMS)

Emma Furlonger (Standard Life)

Emma Garrett (Hymans Robertson)

Emma Haddon (BT Pension Scheme)

Emma Horsfield (Hymans Robertson)

Emma Hudson (Isio)

Emma Murray (Fairstone)

Emma Owen (BT Pension Scheme)

Emma Sim (Hymans Robertson)

Erica Hodge (iPensions Group)

Erica Hutley (XPS Pensions Group)

Eva Grace (Barnett Waddingham)

Eve Keith (Tesco)

Fay Henrick (Trafalgar House)

Fay Knight (BT Pension Scheme)

Fiona Guild (Buck)

Fiona Hope (Aegon Asset Management)

Fiona Jaffray (Legal & General)

Fiona Rumsby (Barnett Waddingham)

Fiona Simpson (Aon)

Fiona White (Fairstone)

Fiona Wright (Barnett Waddingham)

Francesca Bailey (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Francis McGarry (Punter Southall)

Gail Philippart (Mercer)

Gayle DeJuliis (XPS Pensions Group)

Gemma Woodall (Isio)

Georgia Stewart (Tumelo)

Georgia Haddon (Mercer)

Georgia Harsham (Cardano)

Georgie Burkes (Penfold)

Georgina Davies (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Georgina Rae (Isio)

Geraldine Brassett (Capita)

Geri McMahon (Aon)

Ghada Alnaib (Hymans Robertson)

Gillian Bell (Hymans Robertson)

Gillian Haselden (BT Pension Scheme)

Ginevra Gatrell (Gunnercooke)

Guinevere Taylor (RBC Global Asset Management)

Hadassah Shulman (CMS)

Hanifa Lamstaes (Russell Investments)

Hannah Coleman (Mercer)

Hannah Blofield (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Hannah English (Hymans Robertson)

Hannah Lewis (Behave London)

Hannah Rowden (XPS Pensions Group)

Hannah Street (Timms Wealth Management)

Hayley Dove (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Heather Boucher (WTW)

Heather Brown (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Heather Fleming (Gresham House)

Heather Miller (Smart Pension)

Heather Smyth (iPensions Group)

Helen Abbott (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Helen Davies (Michael J Field Consulting Actuaries)

Helen Dean (Nest)

Helen Miles (Gunnercooke)

Helen Prior (Cardano)

Helen Ridgewell (XPS Pensions Group)

Helen Ross (Barnett Waddingham)

Helen Turner (Barnett Waddingham)

Helena Hawthorn (Legal & General)

Helen Hord (RSM)

Helena Hui Ravanas (Russell Investments)

Helena Ingram (WTW)

Helena Swaby (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Helena Turner (XPS Pensions Group)

Hetty Hughes (Association of British Insurers)

Hilary Wilcox (Smart Pension)

Holly Copley (British Airways Pension Services)

Holly McArthur (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Holly Moffat (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Imogen Cothay (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Indira Sabitova (Mercer)

Ingrid Anusic (Moneyhub)

Iris Joshi (Phoenix Group)

Isobel Dyson (Pension Protection Fund)

Ivet Frago Plana (XPS Pensions Group)

Izzy Widdowson (East Sussex Pension Fund)

Jackie Thiele (ReAssure)

Jacqueline Jackson (London LGPS CIV)

Jacqueline Marcomini (Isio)

Jacqueline Taylor (Phoenix Group)

Jacqueline Woodward (Punter Southall)

Jacqui Reid (Sackers)

Jade Ayd (Standard Life)

Jan Claisse (Government Actuary’s Department)

Jane Beverley (Law Debenture)

Jane Evans (EY)

Jane Gow (Clear Cut Financial Planning)

Jane Hartshorn (Isio)

Jane Walker (Mercer)

Janice Fielding (Fairstone)

Janice Hazzard (Standard Life)

Janine Clements (Railpen)

Jasmine John (WTW)

Jayne Wade (Carlsberg Breweries)

Jean Conroy (Standard Life)

Jenda McSwiggan (Workers’ Pension Trust)

Jenna Burbeary (WTW)

Jennifer Holt (Capita)

Jennifer McLaughlin (XPS Pensions Group)

Jennifer Seaman (Wilberforce Chambers)

Jenny Clements (Intellica)

Jenny Davie (The Pensions Regulator)

Jenny Gibbons (WTW)

Jenny Kvaskova (Aon)

Jenny Marshall (Isio)

Jenny Roe (Isio)

Jess Williams (Phoenix Group)

Jessica Horner (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Jihan Diolosa (Russell Investments)

Jill Ampleford (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Jill Brown (XPS Pensions Group)

Jill Johnstone (Aegon Asset Management)

Jill Morrison (Standard Life)

Jo Myerson (Ross Trustees)

Jo Arch (Capita)

Jo Mearns (Isio)

Jo Quarterman (Norfolk Pension Fund)

Joanna Cully (Phoenix Group)

Joanna Daley (XPS Pensions Group)

Joanna Sharples (Aon)

Joanne Segars (Now Pensions)

Joanne Ferris (Workers Pension Trust)

Joanne Arch (Capita)

Joanne Coan (Legal & General)

Joanne Coxwell (BT Pension Scheme)

Joanne Holden (Mercer)

Joanne Powell (XPS Pensions Group)

Johanna Nelson-Vanner (Punter Southall)

Johanna Venis (Railpen)

John Lawton (Barnett Waddingham)

Judith Fish (Dalriada)

Julia Witkowska (Smart Pensions)

Julia Yates (2020 Trustees)

Julianne Elliott (Phoenix Group)

Julie Arthur (Phoenix Group)

Julie Gray (Isio)

Julie Pelham (East Sussex Pension Fund)

Justine Joy (Lane Clark & Peacock).

Karein Davie (Clarity Trustees)

Karen Bolan (GBS)

Karen Dickson (PwC)

Karen Gainsford (Aon)

Karen Goldschmidt (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Karen King (Michael J Field Consulting Actuaries)

Karen McWilliam (Aon)

Karen Parker (Deloitte)

Karen Perumal (Barnett Waddingham)

Karen Scott (Mercer)

Karen Slatford (Isio)

Karen Tasker (RSM)

Karen Williams (Clwyd Pension Fund)

Karina Brookes (EY)

Karina Resko Kajelova (Smart Pension)

Karla Bradstock (Trafalgar House)

Kate Blagg (XPS Pensions Group)

Kate Boyle (KBPR)

Kate Cullen (XPS Pensions Group)

Kate Grant (Vodafone)

Kate Hardingham (Ross Trustees)

Kate Leigh (2020 Trustees)

Kate Robertson (Trafalgar House)

Kate Ross (Smart Pension)

Kate Sinclair (Hymans Robertson)

Kate Smith (Aegon)

Kate Wilson (BT Pension Scheme)

Kath Patel (Aon)

Kath Taylor (Mercer)

Katharine Angus (Capita)

Katharine Casey (Mercer)

Katherine Kitt (Unipart)

Katherine McLoughlin (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Kathrine Husvaeg (Russell Investments)

Kathryn Fleming (Hymans Robertson)

Kathryn Taylorson (Mercer)

Katie Banks (Hogan Lovells)

Katie Berridge (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Katie Brittles (WTW)

Katie Courtney (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Katie Griffin (Isio)

Katie Redhead (Financial Conduct Authority)

Katie Sims (WTW)

Katie Stone (Trafalgar House)

Katie Walker (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Katy May (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Kellie Appleby (Isio)

Kelly Bone (Mercer)

Kelly Buckland (Mercer)

Kelly Hall (Phoenix Group)

Kelly Hurren (Aon)

Kelsey Marriner (XPS Pensions Group)

Kerry Renfrew (Isio)

Kim Brown (Legal & General Investment Management)

Kim Farnum (WTW)

Kim Gubler (KGC Associates)

Kim Toker (Clara Pensions)

Kiran Wadhwani (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Kirsteen Morrison (XPS Pensions Group)

Kirsty Aljewicz (BT Pension Scheme)

Kirsty McLay (Aon)

Laasya Shekaran (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Lana Watson (WTW)

Laura Amin (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Laura Briggs (Pension Protection Fund)

Laura Cain (Mercer)

Laura Davies (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Laura Higgins (Isio)

Laura McMillan (Hymans Robertson)

Laura Moore (Spence & Partners)

Laura Simons (Mercer)

Laureen O'Kane (Mercer)

Lauren Baba (PwC)

Lauren Burns (XPS Pensions Group)

Lauren Holden (Broadstone)

Lauren Ramsey (Aon)

Lauren Shillcock (Intellica)

Lauren Spencer (Phoenix Group)

Lauren Turner (Broadstone)

Lauren Youd (Isio)

Lea Dubourg-Hrachovec (Pension Protection Fund)

Leah Worrall (Isio)

Leanne Carpenter (Barnett Waddingham)

Leanne Johnston (Mercer)

Leila Green (PwC)

Lia Licietis (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Linda Gray (RSM)

Lisa Chesters (Capita)

Lisa Hayes (XPS Pensions Group)

Lisa Hope (Isio)

Lisa McNally (Iso)

Lisa Sunner (Railpen)

Liv Hewitt (MJF Consulting Actuaries)

Liz Loosmore (Broadstone)

Liz Pfeuti (Rhotic Media)

Liz Rex (Gresham House)

Lorna Davies (Broadstone)

Lorna King (Hymans Robertson)

Lorna Tonner (Hymans Robertson)

Lorraine Bennett (Local Government Association)

Lorraine Birks (AA)

Lorraine Harper (Mercer)

Lorraine Porter (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Lorraine Russell (XPS Pensions Group)

Louise Howorth (Cushon)

Louise Lau (Barnett Waddingham)

Louise Serginson (Railpen)

Louise Williamson (Smart Pension)

Lucia Vagnerova (Phoenix Group)

Lucie Skinner (Smart Pension)

Lucy Bignell (Barnett Waddingham)

Lucy Cooper (Smart Pension)

Lucy Fitzpatrick (Cardano)

Lucy Matthews (Mercer)

Lucy Plata (Capita)

Lucy Steers (Hymans Robertson)

Lucy Woolford-Connell (XPS Pensions Group)

Ludivine Evra (Mercer)

Luma Baker (Phoenix Group)

Lynda Whitney (Aon)

Lynette Brown (Aon)

Lynn Eccles (GBS)

Lynn Housecroft (Squire Patton Boggs)

Lynne Schofield (PwC)

Lynne Stewart-Brindle (PAN Trustees)

Magdalena Kennedy (Cardano)

Malwina Strugala (Hymans Robertson)

Mandie Elflett (PZ Cussons)

Mandy Kaur-Sadler (2020 Trustees)

Manisha Patel (AXA Investment Managers)

Manpreet Sohal (Ross Trustees)

Margaret de Valois (Punter Southall)

Margaret Snowdon (Pension Scams Industry Group)

Maria Khait (Smart Pension)

Marian George (West Yorkshire Pension Fund)

Marina Cheal (Cushon)

Mary Gilmour (Accenture)

Mary Harmon (Penfold)

Mary McLeod (XPS Pensions Group)

Mary Spencer (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Max Curtis (Barnett Waddingham)

Maxine Blaydes (Isio)

Megan Hunter (Phoenix Group)

Megan Worthing-Davies (Maji)

Melanie Collins (XPS Pensions Group)

Melanie Cusack (PTL)

Melanie Scrutton (WTW)

Michele Slazyk (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Michelle Bonner (Intellica)

Michelle Darracott (Smart Pension)

Michelle Duncan (Smart Pension)

Michelle Esterkin (BT Pension Scheme)

Michelle Miles (BT Pension Scheme)

Michelle Woodfield (Aon)

Michelle Wright (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Mieria Reyes Mas (Smart Pension)

Mimi Manly-Osei (Smart Pension)

Miriam Kadiri (Smart Pension)

Mirren Armstrong (Phoenix Group)

Moira Throp (Like Minds UK)

Mouna Ango Kulcsar (Isio)

Naomi L'Estrange (2020 Trustees)

Natalia Dinischiotu (WTW)

Natalie Beardwell (Redington)

Natalie Mee (CMS)

Natalie Morrison (WTW)

Natalie Winterfrost (Law Debenture)

Nathalie Sims (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Nell Mcrae (Hymans Robertson)

Niamh Boyle (Aon)

Niamh Gannon (Isio)

Nic Lywood (Deloitte)

Nicki Dyson (Smart Pension)

Nicola Cornish (Fairstone)

Nicola Hutchinson (Railpen)

Nicola Lonergan (Legal & General Investment Management)

Nicola Magee (XPS Pensions Group)

Nicola Stone (Capita)

Nicole Batten (XPS Pensions Group)

Nicole Rowe (Smart Pension)

Nita Tinn (Independent Trustee Services)

Nonso Ebere (Smart Pension)

Ntokozo Mngadi (Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings)

Olivia Goodall (Mercer)

Olivia Hewitt (Michael J Field Consulting Actuaries)

Olivia Padfield (PwC)

Parminder Latimer (Gunnercooke)

Patricia Critchley (Eversheds Sutherland)

Patricia Sharman (CACEIS)

Paula Champion (Isio)

Paula King (BT Pension Scheme)

Petra Zidek (Legal & General)

Philippa Allen (Aon)

Pin-Nee Tang (Ndapt)

Pippa Rickard (Fairstone)

Poppy Small (Legal & General)

Preksha Shah (Charles Stanley Fiduciary Management)

Pri Banerjee (Hymans Robertson)

Pritti Majithia (Phoenix Group)

Priya Jassal (Isio)

Qiongzhi Hu (Cardano)

Rachael Dumpleton (BT Pension Scheme)

Rachel Banham (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Rachel Brougham (BESTrustees)

Rachel Cutts (Legal & General)

Rachel Gillion (XPS Pensions Group)

Rachel Meadows (Broadstone)

Rachel Norris (Penfold)

Rachel Penney (PwC)

Rachika Cooray (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Rashree Chhatrisha (Saga)

Rebecca Brooks (Intellica)

Rebecca Farrer (Phoenix Group)

Rebecca Giles (Mercer)

Rebecca Midgley (Standard Life)

Rebecca McRoberts (XPS Pensions Group)

Rebecca Wood (2020 Trustees)

Rebecca-Faye Thomas (XPS Pensions Group)

Reena Tanna (Barnett Waddingham)

Rema Lawrence (PwC)

Rhian Littlewood (Standard Life)

Rhian Mulhern (Mercer)

Riffat Tufail (Standard Life)

Rina Kumar (Capita)

Rita Butler-Jones (Legal & General Investment Management)

Roanna Lynch (Mercer)

Robyn Cowan (Isio)

Rochelle Walker (Capita)

Róisín McGuire (Barnett Waddingham)

Róisín O’Shea (Rothesay)

Rose Fell (Barnett Waddingham)

Rosemary Kennell (Apex)

Roshni Patel (PwC)

Rosie Fantom (Barnett Waddingham)

Rosie Lacey (De La Rue)

Rosie Marsh (Barnett Waddingham)

Rosy Lowe (Isio)

Rowan Howard (Slaughter and May)

Rui An Lau (Isio)

Ruth Bryson (WTW)

Ruth Thomas (Barnett Waddingham)

Saanvi Vasudevan (Slaughter and May)

Sabeen Iftikhar (Legal & General)

Sakshi Tomar (Phoenix Group)

Sally Bridgeland (Pension Insurance Corporation)

Sally Haywood (Capita)

Sam Marshall (Mercer)

Samantha Coombes (Isio)

Samantha Haworth (Russell Investments)

Samantha Hughes (Mercer)

Samantha Pitt (Law Debenture)

Samantha Seaton (Moneyhub)

Samantha Wilson (XPS Pensions Group)

Sandra Robertson (iPensions Group)

Sangita Chawla (Standard Life)

Sara Cook (Barnett Waddingham)

Sara Rauf (Aon)

Sara Roberts (BT Pension Scheme)

Sarah Abraham (OAC)

Sarah Burke (XPS Pensions Group)

Sarah French (Barnett Waddingham)

Sarah Jones (Gallagher)

Sarah Leslie (Ndapt)

Sarah Martin (Isio)

Sarah Millson (ITM)

Sarah Parkin (Linklaters)

Sarah Seear (Pension Protection Fund)

Sarah Seggie (Russell Investments)

Sarah Shattock (Trafalgar House)

Sarah Thornton (XPS Pensions Group)

Sarah Trollope (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Sarah Turner (XPS Pensions Group)

Sarah Vaughan (Isio)

Selina Burdell (LCM Partners)

Shanu Ghai (PwC)

Sharon Edey (JP Morgan Chase & Co)

Sharron McLennan (Standard Life – Phoenix Group)

Shayala McRae (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Sheila Pancholi (RSM)

Shelley Jeffery (XPS Pensions Group)

Shelly Macnab (Trafalgar House)

Shireen Anisuddin (Hymans Robertson)

Shriti Jadav (WTW)

Sian Dance (XPS Pensions Group)

Sian Hood (Barnett Waddingham)

Sian Pringle (XPS Pensions Group)

Simone Macmillan-Binns (General Electric)

Simran Kaur (PwC)

Sinead Clark (Mercer)

Sofi Baynham (XPS Pensions Group)

Sophie Bell (Redington)

Sophie Catt (Isio)

Sophie Robinson (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Sophie Slight (XPS Pensions Group)

Stella King (XPS Pensions Group)

Steph Howard (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Steph Kusalakumar (XPS Pensions Group)

Stephanie Hall (Legal & General)

Stephanie Stern (Hymans Robertson)

Steve Watson (Cushon)

Stevie Ingamells (Gresham House)

Stuart Earle (Eversheds Sutherland)

Stuart Murphy (Legal & General)

Suad Ali (Smart Pension)

Sue Doughty (Mercer)

Sue Kettle (Capita)

Sue Rivas (Pension Protection Fund)

Suman Sidhu (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Surbhi Jadeja (Pacific Life Re)

Susan Andrews (Ross Trustees)

Susan Anyan (Capital Cranfield)

Susan Doughty (Mercer)

Susan McFarlane (Dalriada)

Susannah Calder (Aon)

Susannah Chinsky (Hymans Robertson)

Tannaz Rastegar (Wealth At Work)

Tanya Bagley (BT Pension Scheme)

Teri Viney (Isio)

Terri-May Williams (iPensions Group)

Tina Dragneva (Standard Life – Phoenix Group)

Tina Kripps (WTW)

Tracey Gloyne (Beckett Financial Services)

Tracie Denson (Mercer)

Trudy Pangerang (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Urrffa Rafiq (Isio)

Uzma Nazir (Pension Insurance Corporation)

Vanessa Hodge (Mercer)

Vanya Mander (Smart Pension)

Vicky Casebourne (Kempen Capital Management)

Vicky Greenwood (Isio)

Vicky Paramour (Law Debenture)

Victoria Hayter (XPS Pensions Group)

Victoria Holmes (BT Pension Scheme)

Victoria Leigh (Squire Patton Boggs (UK) LLP)

Victoria Pullan (XPS Pensions Group)

Victoria Smith (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Victoria Sutcliffe (WTW)

Victoria Swanston (GBS)

Viktoria Spittler (Capita)

Vivien Cockerill (Trustee Corporation Limited)

Wendy Fitzpatrick (Isio)

Wendy Gillespie (Phoenix Group)

Wendy Hunter (Squire Patton Boggs)

Yasmin Codron (Redington)

Yvette Thomas (Mercer)

Yvonne Murray (Phoenix)

Yvonne Wan (Broadstone)

Yvonne Yeboah (Kempen Capital Management)

Zara Din (Loomis Sayles Investments)

Zaynab Bhamjee (Isio)

Zena Kee (NILGOSC – Local Government Pension Scheme for Northern Ireland)

Zoe Adlam (XPS Pensions Group)

Zoe Burdo (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Zoe Leak (Mercer)

Zoe Plowman (Ensors Accountants).